What to Bring to the 2014 EAC Conference

With the Editors’ Association of Canada 2014 Conference only weeks away, perhaps you’ve already started packing your bags for Toronto! Don’t forget to include the following items to make the most of your conference experience:

Pens, pencils, and a notebook You’ll be learning lots of valuable editing tips and tricks from the speakers and conference workshops and will definitely need paper and a writing instrument to take notes throughout the day.

Business cards Conferences are a place to meet people, and business cards are the easiest way to share all of your contact information so you can keep in touch — whether it’s for future collaborations or just as friends. If you’re getting new business cards made for the conference, consider adding a photograph of yourself to help fellow editors put a face to your name.

Smartphone/tablet With a smartphone in hand, all the conference information you might need will be right at your fingertips — check the schedule, Google one of the speakers, or get walking directions to the nearest coffee shop! Smartphones are also essential for participating in social media, and we want to see your tweets and pics with the hashtag #EAC2014.

Smartphone charger Considering how useful a smartphone can be, the last thing you want is to be is running out of power mid-day!

Comfortable shoes and clothing The EAC Conference is full of rewarding editorial insight, but the days can be long, so you might as well dress comfortably! We suggest comfortable footwear for racing to the next seminar, walking to one of Toronto’s excellent restaurants for lunch, or perhaps joining one of the organized walking tours of downtown Toronto.

Evening wear If you’ll be attending the Conference banquet at the Hotel Eaton Chelsea, you may want to dress up a bit for dinner.

Cash Remember to bring some money. The Exclamation Mart! has loads of word-y goods for sale and 15% of all sales goes back to funding EAC.

Camera Last but not least, don’t forget a camera for capturing all the fun conference moments (and perhaps taking a selfie with celeb-editors like keynote speakers Terry Fallis and Douglas Gibson!).


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