Tracking Conference: t minus ten days

The Conference committee is in full-on countdown mode: the big weekend is now less than two weeks away! The speakers are set, the events are planned, and the schedule is final. We still have a few last-minute details to attend to, and we’re still looking for volunteers (hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge), but all of the major elements are in place for a fabulous weekend of professional development and some slightly-less-professional fun.

If you’re coming into town early, be sure to join your fellow editors at the pay-as-you-go dinner Thursday or for one of the organized walking tours on Friday. And if you’re staying a little later, extend the experience with Monday’s pay-as-you-go brunch.

In between, there are all the regular conference trappings: reception, banquet, keynotes, AGM, and two jam-packed days of sessions, plus plenty of breaks for networking.

Pack your bags and rest up — it’s going to be a busy weekend. On the behalf of the entire conference committee, we can’t wait to welcome you to Conference 2014.

See you in Toronto!


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