Session Sneak Peek: Pamela Paterson on Resumés

Not having job success? Your resumé may be the problem. In the session Resumé Strategies for the Online Job Search, speaker Pamela Paterson will dive into reasons why your resumé may not be landing you the work you want—and, in fact, why hiring managers might not be seeing your resumé in the first place.

Pamela Paterson is the bestselling author of Get the Job: Optimize Your Resumé for the Online Job Search and, in addition to her session, she has a special offer just for EAC’s conference attendees. Attendees who purchase Get the Job and post an Amazon book review will be entitled to a free resumé and career consultation, valued at over $100. Pamela is selling her book at the conference, so stop by her table at the Exclamation Mart!

Get the Job is based on Pamela’s experience working directly with job candidates, as well as her extensive experience in the information technology field. As part of a team that implemented an applicant tracking system for a global company, Pamela gained a unique perspective into how online job systems work. She saw that highly qualified job candidates routinely failed to advance through online job systems due to a lack of understanding of online systems’ screening criteria. Realizing that job application success now required a new, scientific approach to resumé writing, she set about outlining such an approach and presenting it at colleges, workshops, and conferences in Canada and the United States.

Her scientific approach to the job hunt provides a step-by-step methodology for getting top-ranked in HR online job systems. These techniques allow her an unprecedented 90% success rate when helping job candidates gain employment.

Join Pamela in her session on beating online job systems on Saturday, June 7, and be sure to sign up for your free career consultation!


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