Senior Editors: These Sessions Are for You!

Editors come to the EAC conference each spring with different skills and varying levels of editing experience. This weekend-long event offers dozens of sessions on a wide range of topics, whether you’re a novice editor or a seasoned veteran.

This year we have six exciting professional development sessions for senior editors that are sure to improve your already-stellar skills. We consider senior editors to be editors who have experience in the topic or the background to discuss a new topic at a higher level. Editors who have already mastered the fundamentals will find these sessions informative, challenging, and sure to incite some “a-ha” moments.

In Subcontracting: Options, Opportunities, and Risks, moderator Michelle Boulton leads a discussion on partnering with other freelancers, specifically focusing on how to get started and how to manage your new business model successfully. Panellists Elizabeth Macfie and Elizabeth d’Anjou reflect on their experiences and share their knowledge.

Working as an in-house managing editor? Need a little help staying organized? Then this session is for you. Brooke Smith moderates Working as an In-house Managing Editor, and Robert Steckling and Tracy Torchetti provide insight into how to address work-related challenges and keep sane.

In Unconference: The Senior Editor’s Roundtable, Iva Cheung moderates a free-flowing, information-sharing discussion, where everyone is welcome to contribute. The Saturday session provides an opportunity for editors to pitch ideas about a topic to discuss in depth on Sunday. This session is not to be missed!

Editors often work alone, so when collaboration is needed, we may find it a bit challenging. Christine Hastie discusses five ways people can work together and six factors that determine success. Join her at Collaboration: A Key to Success in the Publication Process and learn how to become a valuable contributor to team projects.

Rosemary Shipton, Sue Earl, and Tammy Burns discuss the changes in editorial services, including tighter schedules and fewer phases of editing, in Dirty Editing: The Collapsing Editorial Process. This in-depth session will focus on how the changes affect editors, the quality of our work, and the future of publishing and communication.

Ever have to edit material that can’t be marked-up? In Advanced Acrobatics: Tips and Tricks for PDF Mark-up, Adrienne Montgomerie takes attendees into the world of technology and demonstrates how to mark-up just about anything, be it via a Mac, a PC, or even a tablet.

We’ve got something for all senior editors at Conference 2014 — Tracking Change: e-Merging Methods and Markets. Our sessions will provide you with helpful information and a chance to mingle and network with your colleagues, so be sure to join us for these great professional development opportunities!


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