Extending the Conference Experience

Conference 2014 is quickly approaching, with the early-bird deadline to register only days away. Besides providing the chance to see and hear the wonderful and informative guest speakers presenting this year, the conference also offers members the opportunity to exchange ideas and rub shoulders with other editors, while having fun in the exciting, vibrant city of Toronto.

There are, of course, a number of things to consider before the conference in June.

  • Unsure how to get to T.O.? One of the great things about Toronto is that you can arrive by air or by land. We have detailed information on the various means and packages available to arrive on time and in comfort from anywhere in the country.
  • Need a place to stay? Want that homey feel, complete with all the modern conveniences? Through our Beds for Eds program, local editors kindly offer to open their homes to welcome colleagues arriving from other parts of the province or country. Or would you prefer a statelier abode, one with room service? Whatever your preference, we’ve got you covered. Check out our accommodation recommendations, complete with a list of hotels in all price ranges, as well as contact info for those Toronto editors who are happy to billet a colleague.
  • Don’t know anyone at the conference? First time? Link up with a “conference buddy” and connect with other editors in small, informal groups. Make sure to sign up soon so you can learn more about connecting with each other prior to the conference. Once you’re in Toronto, you’ll meet regularly with your “buddy” to review the day’s events, impressions, etc.
  • Hungry for food and awards? We have many social events to keep you more than satisfied. To start, George Elliott Clark, poet laureate of Toronto, will open the conference reception with an overview of the role of editing in poetry. Also on the menu is the EAC Awards Banquet, where editors will be honoured for their great work and contributions to the art and science of editing, as well as their voluntary efforts to promote good writing.
  • Looking to broaden your experience during your trip to Toronto? Ontario’s capital city is a vibrant metropolis that offers a sophisticated urban environment with the small-town feel of distinctive neighbourhoods. Check out the EAC Toronto Experience page to find out more about the rich and rewarding experiences that await you!

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