Want Some Buddies at Conference 2014?

This year’s conference in Toronto is coming up fast—June 6 to 8. If you want to come but are worried you won’t know anyone, why not join our popular Conference Buddies program? It’s great for:

  • members attending their first EAC conference
  • new members who want to make connections
  • members who just want to extend the conference experience

Networking is always easier and more fun when you start out with a few people you already know.

How does it work?

EAC’s Conference Buddies option matches up editors in small groups, and each group has a lead buddy. (The lead buddy just initiates the communications.)

In the weeks leading up to conference, buddies get to know each other through e-mail. Each group will establish its own dynamic, and some members may communicate more than others—that’s totally okay!

At the conference, buddies can arrange to get together at certain times or for certain activities (reception, banquet, etc.)—timing and frequency are completely up to the group.

We’ll have a pre-arranged meeting place and message board for conference buddies to use throughout the conference.

Want to be a conference buddy?

If you would like to be in a conference buddies group, e-mail conferencebuddies@editors.ca by Friday, April 18. To help us form the buddy groups, please include the following information in your e-mail:

  • your contact information
  • where you’re coming from
  • where you’ll be staying during the conference
  • your professional interests
  • your editing experience
  • your interest in being the lead buddy of a group
  • any other relevant information

When we’ve matched up all the conference buddies, we’ll put the groups in touch with each other so they can start to communicate before the conference. See you in Toronto!


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