Beds for Eds: The EAC Conference Billet Service

Are you travelling to Toronto for the EAC conference and looking for a place to stay? Do you live in Toronto and want to open your home to a fellow EAC member?

Be part of Beds for Eds!

EAC is offering a home-stay program to our visiting members. We are looking for both billeting hosts and guests who would like to take advantage of this program.

Thinking about being a host?

  1. Do you enjoy meeting new people? This is an excellent networking opportunity to spend time with like-minded individuals who can relate to the profession.
  2. Do you love Toronto? If you’re a wealth of information and enjoy being an ambassador for your city, then hosting gives you the chance to share your knowledge with others.
  3. Do you like staying at B&Bs? This is a great way for you to bring your own hospitality and generosity to our visiting members.

Thinking about being a guest?

  1. It’s a great way to save! Put away your money for a rainy day or get out there and see what this multicultural hub of Canada is all about. For some great suggestions, take a look at our Toronto Experience page.
  2. It presents networking opportunities! Meeting new people and staying in their homes gives you the chance to make lasting friendships with fellow editors while living like a Torontonian.
  3. It’s your home away from home! Unlike a hotel, you are a guest in a member’s home, where you’re not only welcomed by your host, but all their family members as well. If you like a more personable experience, then this is the option for you.

If you’d like to be part of Beds for Eds or have any questions about the program, contact billeting coordinator, Heather Catuiza, so that she can send you a questionnaire about your preferences and match you with a host or guest.

See you in June!


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