Welcome to EAC Conference 2014!

Russia may be gearing up for the Olympics, but here in Toronto we’re gearing up for EAC’s 2014 conference, Tracking Change: e-Merging Methods and Markets. We can’t promise that our opening reception will rival the Olympic opening ceremonies, but there will be a couple of surprises, so you won’t want to miss it!

The conference committee has been hard at work since the summer, and we’ve got every aspect of the conference covered: sessions and speakers, banquet, Toronto experience, sponsorship, Exclamation Mart, the printed program, and all kinds of on-site volunteering.

And speaking of volunteering, we still need to add a few members to our team. Volunteering on the conference committee is a great way to widen your professional network, learn new skills, and have a few laughs with some great editors. If you’re interested in a rewarding volunteer opportunity, please contact the conference committee.

We’ve created this blog as a way to help us interact with all of you, and we also encourage you to visit the EAC conference webpages, which provide specific information about the conference as well as the all-important registration and schedule! Registration will open on February 21st, and the schedule will be up around the same time.

For now we’ll be introducing you to the lighter side of the conference and the city of Toronto. Stay tuned and follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for all the latest breaking conference news.

See you in Toronto on June 6 to 8, 2014!


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